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The most brutally talented band in any extreme metal genre. WARNING: Listing to this band may cause an adrenaline rush so powerful that one will colapase into an epileptic sezuire untill the next song.
All I remeber after lisining to Cephalic Carnage was awaking with a split forhead, heavy riffage racking my brain, and I was soon diagnosed as having alpha-intercourse tourettesyndrome
by Dylan Neal December 16, 2003
Someone who has nothing better to do with they're time than submite rediculously stupid ebonics to a website.
Your all flaming homosexuals with Obesssive Princesymbolicus Disorder.
by Dylan Neal December 14, 2003
The belief that throwning any spicies of cacti at the sun will destroy all electronic masturbatory devices.
Courtney, who was sexually frustrated with her oversized labia along with massive amounts of peyote consumed, began in a anti-masterbation cacti throwing frenzy known as Cactiside Omitizomachromiticolus.
by Dylan Neal December 16, 2003
A constant bealive that the artist Prince's symbol can be oral pronounced with randomly occuring spasms, can soon lead to alpha-intercourse tourettesyndrome (AITS).
(See alpha-intercourse tourettesyndrome)
Mother: "Doctor, Doctor! Please come quick, my 7 year old daughter is grunting in a strange foriegn tounge while spasming on the floor!"

Doctor: "Ok stay calm, sounds like she has Obesssive Princesymbolicus Disorder. I'll be right over."
by Dylan Neal December 14, 2003
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