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The term derives from the name of a Television Show on the National Geographic Channel. A cigarette is at times referred to as a "dog" one smoker may say to another "let's go blow a dog" meaning they would both like to indulge their nicotine cravings by smoking a cigarette. A non-smoker while drunk may suddenly feel the urge to have a cigarette, or one may develop a small cigarette smoking addiction - these people are referred to as a "Dog Whisperer" one who does not smoke but suddenly decides to consume a tobacco product (possibly in a secret manner) when a "Dog Whisperer" asks for a pull of another's cigarette (which happens often quite due to their refusal to purchase their own pack) they might say "Can I tell your dog a secret?" What is best advised is in a room full of "Dog Whisperers" it is best to keep your pack hidden, or tell everyone you have one cigarette left (even if you have more than half a pack)
Phil: "Dylan, can a bum a cigarette?"
Dylan: "Absolutely not, since when do you smoke?"
Phil: "I don't know I just kind of want one...I smoke sometimes when I'm drunk...Please?"
Dylan: "My bad Dog Whisperer, I didn't realize you were a smoker like that..."
by Dylan McDonald-Ostrow May 11, 2008

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