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fruity, sour-smelling liquid, cum-white in color, usually sold in long-necked bottles evocative of the male cock. used by all-american frat boys on their underarms to remind them of their last spring break in the tropics.
dude wore a wife beater, and i got a whiff of sukang paombong on his pits.
by Dylan Dude September 14, 2007
A person's natural, unaltered odor, particularly that which emanates from one's underarms. B.O. can smell like brie, diesel engine, sukang paombong, or freshly mowed grass, to name a few similar odors. High school locker rooms and frat houses are locales notorious for the smell of lingering B.O.
A wifebeater is an excellent way of showing your sukang paombong B.O. off, since it does not cover your armpits.
by Dylan Dude November 16, 2007
White, ribbed, skin-tight tank top, most excellent for showing off a dude's pecs, shoulders, arms, underarms, armpit hair, and natural B.O. Leaves a sweet tan line when worn on a summer day.
Dude wore a wifebeater, and i got a whiff of sukang paombong on his pits.
by Dylan Dude November 16, 2007
Party featuring frat boys in wifebeaters, thrown in brotherly comradery with southern country boys who represent all-american ideals of rugged individualism and brotherhood. Wifebeater parties are great opportunities to show off one's toned muscles, manly musk, and fully re-grown armpit hair (shaved at initiation), especially to the ladies and fraternity brothers.
I've never seen as many fratboy armpits as I did at last night sweet wifebeater party!
by Dylan Dude November 16, 2007

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