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the act of "hermiting" or partacing in any uninhermic activities.
that guy who constantly eats all that grass and crabs, you know that guy? well he is Herming.
by Dylan ADam Dolphin January 17, 2005
OH... A sam Messer is when this darker man(ZAN THORN) has a boy(DOLPHIN) who is dating a girl(RED) who is friends with the first girl(SAM MESSER JR.)who is dating the darker man(ALEX,a.k.a. zan).
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sam "THE" messer!!!!
I cant quit it so i stick wit it.
live by that one beatiful rule.
you are pretty funny for me for a girl..
HAppy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
by Dylan ADam Dolphin February 02, 2005
when you drop feces into a partners mouth, they chew it up until it becomes poop juice, they gargle to break up any remaining solid. Then spits it on the partners face like "BLAHHHH!!!" and then you 69 long time.
1.eric, turn that shit down you dirty hernandez.
2.dude, seriously, i was soo drunk i gave a cow a dirty hernandez.
by Dylan ADam Dolphin January 12, 2005
Not being racist yourself, but not speaking out against it when people say stupid shit.
matt and dylan are meak sometimes...
by Dylan ADam Dolphin February 02, 2005
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