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Also called "BROs" because they constantly refer to each other as bro ("Hey bro"), a flatbiller is a kid covered in silly tattoes, tries his best to be x-treme, has a raised truck, rides dirtbikes and needs to talk about dirtbiking when other people are listening. Havasu and Glamis are the common vacation spots for west coast flatbillers. The term flatbiller refers to the flatbilled hats turned sideways that bros often wear. Common flatbiller accessories are custom lowered older cars, iron cross/west coast choppers stickers, bandanas, white stickers on the back window of their "street" truck that show how x-treme they are. Flatbillers are only allowed to wear black. There is an entire webpage devoted to providing flatbiller examples... the name is very creative, can you guess it?
Two flatbillers involved in an intelligent discourse at work-
Bro #1: Hey bro did you see my new west coast choppers tat, now I really look like eminem bro.
Bro #2: Bro, that tat is crazy, bro, you do look like eminem bro. We look so different than everyone else that is trying to look different.
Bro #1: Yeah bro, when I go dirtbiking I will have to let it air-out with the nipple ring. We are x-treme individuals bro. Nobody knows how to party like us. Did I mention that we dirtbike bro.
Bro #2: Awesome bro, these tattoes are never going out of style bro. They are timeless bro, like that "Limp Bizkit" scar that you scratched into your arm in 9th grade, bro.
Bro #1: Yeah bro. I need to get out of here bro, we should go to Havasu this weekend.
Bro #2: Yeah bro, but payday is next friday and I need to sink all my cash into the 8-ball shift-knob on the '63 bro.
Bro #1: I hear you bro, we need to ditch this job and become union pipelayers bro. That would be x-treme.
Customer: Can I have the large fries please.
by DwightB May 04, 2006
A phrase invented by comedian Patton Oswald. Since many comedians have capitalized on their own catch phrases like "git-r-done" and "you know you're a redneck when" he decided to make up a meaningless phrase as his calling card. I have actually been hearing the phrase on the radio lately as a euphemism for having sex.
He was going on a date so I told him to put the puppy in the bucket.
by DwightB April 05, 2006

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