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4 definitions by Duuuukaaaay

When you order food with a sauce you like and they put a different kind on or none at all. You have been sauce fucked.
Joe- Dude, I just ordered a bean burrito from taco bell with green sauce and they put red sauce on it!

Nick- Wow, dude, you just got sauce fucked.
by Duuuukaaaay April 30, 2009
The act of looking like you're getting it in the ass while taking a picture of yourself. Mostly occurs to girls on Facebook who have a picture and asspose, bent over looking like they're getting it up the ass. Why do they do it? We don't know, it's ridiculous. 90% of girls do the asspose at some point in their life, probably to make their tits appear bigger by bending over.
Jake An.o - Dude, look she's assposing

Yasheem- yeah, all girls do that.

Jake An.o - oh very cool
by duuuukaaaay August 04, 2010
When you open and read a text message on your phone and don't reply right away. And in your head you texted them back. But they never get it, because you forgot to actually do it.
Tynisheida- hey why didn't you text me back

Jahmonayshia- oh shit, i didn't. I thought I did, I guess I was head texting you.
by Duuuukaaaay August 24, 2010
Where you can't help but shit yourself.
Wow he became a doosher.
by Duuuukaaaay December 21, 2008