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Someone (usually young adult) who lives in columbia maryland, who's family obviously makes $80,000+ a year

(or you cant live in columbia cause it costs so damn much)

But decides that he or she must act ghetto because they want to be like the ganster rappers on MTV.
Columbia thug: "Yo drop that wallet fool!" "IM GANGSTA!"
Me: "Fuck off, columbia thug before I dick slap you"
by DutchMaster Scott July 20, 2006
When you cant understand what someone said to you

(either because the other party is foreign, or because you havent brushed up your urban dictionary skills)

You make the statement "skibita wibita"

pronounced: Skeb-it-uh wib-it-uh
example 1:
Man 1 "Howd a gwon do dat a me?"

Man 2 "skibita wibita?"
by DutchMaster Scott July 20, 2006
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