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1. Refers most commonly to makeshift temporary housing in predominantly African American neighborhoods used during the winter season. Also applies to tents or structures made of snow in the same neighborhoods during winter.
2. Large dirty snowmounds that are formed when a parking lot is cleared of snow- especially if it has been burrowed into.
Get up outta my nigloo bi-zatch!

Man this here zebra skin rug on the floor really makes my nigloo.
by Dustin crops November 10, 2006
Origin: Conjunction of (dick + toad) noun
1 a: Penile appendage, especially one that is fat, dirty or constantly moist in the manner of a toad.

2.Artificial penile appendage or replacement for 'Dildo', the unique sculptural and animated qualities or transmogrification of real penis lends itself to creature-like naming.

3.One who is 'Doad' like in manner or appearance. May infer stubborness of character. Calling one this lesser known term in public prevents blushing by some nearby women who have overheard and are carrying.
I should have a belt buckle that says "CAUTION -Extra Wide Doad". Or maybe that girl with the cowboy legs should have it on her purse.

Buncha' dirty doad lickers if you ask me.

Was that dude drunk or just a total doad?
by Dustin crops November 15, 2006
1. Synonym for blackhead. Subcutaneous dirt appearing black or brown (mole like) clogging a pore causing it to swell.
2. noun, adjective- Conjunction of Negro + Android, To form a term for African American automatonism- just going through the works as defined by extraneous social systems of behavior.
1. I got totally spiffed up, but she's not even going to dig my shit because of this frickin negroid.

2. This dude's got it all figured out- He's got all the duds, and he's just spittin a bunch of negroid bullshit.
by Dustin crops November 10, 2006

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