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Super Conclusive Conclusion, Yes! is a phrase used to describe a conclusion that it so conclusive it concludes every problem known to man all at once, even the meaning of life. Sadly the only man ever to reach this Died from his shoulders exploding from the weight burdened on one who has come to a Super Conclusive Conclusive Conclusion, Yes!.

When saying Super Conclusive Conclusion, Yes! pay close attention to the exclamation mark. The Yes must be yelled out or else it just means a Conclusion that is pretty swell.
Thomas: "It all makes sense now"
Dustin: "Ohh noo! Super Conclusive Conclusion, Yes!"
Thomas: "(popping noise)"
Dustin: "WHY GOD, WHY"
by Dustin Emerson February 20, 2008
Foopf is a word used to define one who partakes in the excessive viewing of one particular movie within a short period of time.

It can also be used to define one who has based their whole life of the movie Stomp the Yard.

It is also used to define someone who is a fan of Nicholas Cage.
Dustin: "You've watched Flipper two times today do you have to put it on again"
Austin: "What can I say, I enjoy movies with substance"
Dustin: "Your a Fucking Foopf"
Dustin: "Nicholas Cage Sucks"
Austin: "Ghost Rider is swell"
Dustin: "Foopf"
Dustin: "Stomp the Yard sucks"
Austin: "Black People"
Dustin: "Foopf"
by Dustin Emerson February 19, 2008
The size of the piercing hole for you nipple. Some nipples have been known to be gaged as much as 16 inches.
Dustin: "I just got a larger nipple gage"
Ethan: "wow"
by Dustin Emerson February 21, 2008

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