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The layer of fat on the average North American, both male and female, which covers the upper body. Components of the fat jacket include the panace, manboobs, backfat, and underarm sag. Although the jacket can be useful in winter as an additional layer of warm clothing underneath the underwear, it is more often a hindrance to mobility, flexibility, and getting laid.

The jacket is usually made mostly of nachos and cheese, although chicken wings are often used, and the jacket can be grown thicker through extended periods of sitting on the couch.

The fatjacket requires minimal maintenance, although it must be cleaned relatively often to remove the odour generated by sweat buildup.
1) I need to work out more regularly, because my fat jacket is getting too thick.

2) The bulkiness of my fat jacket makes it difficult for me to tie my shoes.

by Duster929 January 31, 2006

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