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to start the true metal head actually does not label him/her self. he wears band shirts to show support for the bands he likes not to be labeled. normaly listens to gore, goth, black, speed, or thrash metal(nu & alt are not metal). extremely dislikes emo kids! they go to shows/concerts on a regular basis. they might seem serious but within them its totaly the opposite. they usualy play an instrument and are in a band. normaly wears blue, black or gray dickies or jeans w/ a band shirt & maybe doc martins.
some true metal head music: Iron Maiden, Slayer, Exhumed, Kreator, Vomitory. Emperor, Megadeth, Dimmu Borgir, Grave, Criptopsy, Craddle Of Filth, Brujeria, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse ext...
by Durge April 04, 2006
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