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Someone who rarely, if ever, leaves his or her house. In this person's mind, his or her house is so decked out that there is no reason to go anywhere else. Home gnomes are annoying because they never want to meet up with you when you're out, instead opting to invite you to their house and making you drive the whole distance to them every time.
Person A: Dude, let's hang out.
Person B: Sure. You wanna come over to my place?
Person A: How about we meet at the bar instead?
Person B: Nah, I really don't feel like going out. We could order some pizza here & I have a six-pack in my fridge.
Person A: Bitch, you're such a friggin' home gnome.
by dumbwizard January 19, 2011
Fusdar is an acroynym, combining FUS for fucked-up shit and DAR from radar to describe the ability in certain individuals to seek out and find a way to do very stupid, ignorant, rude, basically fucked-up shit.
Examples: 1. Picking out the restaurant or place of business that is about to close to 'patronize' and staying well past closing time, keeping employees from going home is a way to use your FUSDAR. 2. Going into a movie on opening night, packed theatre, and talking on your phone for the whole movie is a way to use your FUSDAR. 3. Getting drunk at the club and going home with the only cross-dresser is a way to use your FUSDAR.
by Dumbwizard July 17, 2009
A turd, a poo nugget, essentially a small piece of feces.
Andy defeated the Dark Warrior of the Rectum by flushing the damn thing away.
by DumbWizard June 22, 2010

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