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Original bassist for metal/"grunge" band Alice in Chains. Recorded on the albums Facelift and Dirt as well as the EP's We Die Young and SAP. Replaced by former Ozzy Osbourne bassist Mike Inez after Dirt.
Did you hear that Michael Starr bass line in Rooster? It was fucking awesome.
by Dugan March 14, 2005
Popular phrase coined by Dugan in the early 21st century. Not used neccesarilly when people are mad at balck people, but jut to show anger or general frustration. Not to be confused with So Many Black People, So Little Trees.
Kurt: Shit, Van Trees is there, we can't leave.
Dugan: God Damn Black People.
by Dugan September 09, 2005
1. Slang term used to describe a pile of feces, especially human feces.
2. Term used to describe something meaning "cool".
SLC Punk was the shit!
by Dugan March 14, 2005
A person who has sex with his or her uncle.
"That hillbilly boy was such an uncle fucker."
by Dugan October 14, 2004
black ninja is the remnants of roaches stuck in a freezer bag. After you take out and smoke all the roaches there is a black substance at the bottom of the bag. This is called black ninja. Because it's black and it kick's your ass like a ninja.
Dude, take out some of that black ninja and sprinkle it on top. It'll get us really high.
by Dugan May 06, 2005
Something black.
Free biskets with a bucket of fried chicken? Sho 'nuff!
by Dugan May 07, 2003
See God. Was discovered to be god, by the former god, Dugan and thus the Protestant Reformation started.
"Hazel went topless last night. All hail Hazel."
by Dugan October 14, 2004

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