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Word Used To descibe Babies Who get drunk or aka go on the piss
Man Ma kid ma kid shes only 3 months and shes been goin out on the piss u seen her man shes drunk all he time

Hey get off ma porch ya drunken babies yeh and take ur dipers with ya!

See picture for defination said the baby
by Dudududthe3rd July 06, 2004
A kid between 1 - 12 who reads porn mags all day and looks at j lo or halle berry and says they have a nice ass
Hey dad my diper needs changin can u also bring me a porno mag

1 year old :Hey Byatch you have been in ma play group for a long time how about we shake the rattle!

6 month year old gyal : hey u dirty pimp i will not i need my diper changin i just pooped!
by Dudududthe3rd July 06, 2004
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