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3 definitions by DucoNihilum

Bratz are a doll line produced by MGA Entertainment meant for “tweens” or preteen children ( 12-13 year old girls). There are “bratz” guys and “bratz” girls. These “bratz” teach children to dress up like what you could call ‘Whores’. These bratz dolls teach girls to be 'tenny bopper’s’. These dolls teach girls that you have to be hot, and to be hot you MUST wear skimpy outfits. What do these girls do when they were these skimpy outfits, imitating what they see the dolls do on tv? They go out and meet boys, who will be interested in sex. The outfits are DESIGNED to be sexual, and you can expect the girls who buy these dolls, or even see them on TV, to want to imitate them. Toys like this create a new generation of sluts, skanks, and whores!
Joe: Hey, my 13 year old sister got one of those bratz dolls for christmas.

Me: Is she on the pill?
by DucoNihilum July 20, 2005
"Sudden urge to shit"

When you randomly have to shit really really bad without any warning.
"Olympe De Gouses uses various methods of rhetoric, including ethos.... holy shit, I have SUTS, BRB!"
by DucoNihilum October 20, 2007
Someone who has no class or style, usually European but sometimes other people can be called that. usually wear very bad suits bright clothing and sunglasses.
Look at John with his sunglasses on at 12:00 am, he must be Euro Trash
by DucoNihilum December 22, 2004