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Pronounced: "Cos-co Sam-plaa"
A person who goes to Costco to eat all the free samples
Donald: "You wanna get some food? I'm starving!"
Nick: "I'm going to Costco for lunch"
Donald: "Git outta here ya COSTCO SAMPLER!"
by Dubsauce June 25, 2007
Prounounced: bate-min
->Usually a male friend who is used to lure women through his good looks, but lacks the mental capacity to charm the opposite sex (that's where the "Primary" and the "Wingman" step in to steal the catch). The "Baitman" doesn't discriminate when it comes to getting laid - whether she's short, tall, big, or small it's all game for the "Baitman".
Setting: A conversation between the Wingman and the Primary as they reflect upon a night of mad hooking up..."Man, last night was a trip! Did you see the chick Greg hooked up with?? What a Baitman!!"
by Dubsauce June 25, 2007
Pronounced: "pott-a-face"
Used to describe someone who looks like or reads too much Harry Potter
Steve: "Wtup man? you wanna kick it?"
Jon: "Can't...gotta finish reading my Harry Potter book. I'm On chapter 22"
Steve: "What! You fuckin' POTTAFACE!"
by Dubsauce June 25, 2007

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