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A hick town located 3 miles from the white trash racing capital of the world in Alabama. The police are crooked as they can possibly get.Twice a year we have every redneck, white trash Nascar loving hillbilly gather here for a great big drunkin hodown. Although if you are wearing a Dale Jr. shirt during this time you can get a piece from every woman that is there but it will take plenty of ointment to get rid of what she will leave you..The people here are two faced and will stab you in the back at the first chance they can get. If you live here and actually enjoy it then may God have mercy on your pathetic soul.If you are extremely lucky maybe one day a comet will pass by real close and strike the city and take it out of existence.Yes I live here but I will be out very soon.
Hey where do you live? I live in Lincoln,Alabama.. Oh damn sorry dude. Here take this 45 and put yourself out of misery...

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