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1: comes from the marraige of two words... nymphette
and... amphetamine. Loosely translated, sex and drugs combine to describe an
unhealthy, beast-like addiction to the classical fairer gender or one female
ideal in particular. A dark Goddess figure. If women have a sexual, venusian
substance, then this relates to the abuse of that substance in vast and
unhealthy amounts.

2: The name of Cradle Of Filth's New Cd
Nymphetamine Overdose and Gilded Cunt are the best songs on the cd
by Duality__ September 09, 2004
1) Marilyn Manroe's real name

2) Fucking best Christian hardcore/metal band to come, spanning 2 albums so far "Bless the Martyr And Kiss The Child" and "O God, The Aftermath", they even have their own BBQ Sauce!

2) You can listen to your stupid emo-punk bands, and be dark all you want, while I tear shit up listening to Norma Jean.
by Duality__ April 09, 2005
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