11 definitions by Du Rag

A word to be used spontaneously and unexpecedly. Usually screamed as loud as possibe in an extremly quiet, sometimes serious, situation.
Also a great answer to any question that exists.

May also be used, sometimes, as an interjection.
Mr. Kellner: Who is the new pope going to be?
Me: P Diddy!

Me: P Diddy! I stabbed myself... again!
by Du Rag April 28, 2005
Gun. Usually a handgun. Can sometimes be used as a verb.
That hater tried to run up on me with his nine, so I pulled out by bork and busted a few caps upside his punk ass head.

I borked my refrigerator after it looked at me funny.
by Du Rag April 29, 2005
Used when something is awesome, sweet or off the sheezy.
That website is Mike Jones, Yo!
by Du Rag April 28, 2005
Name given to me by a certain group of peers who attend my school. This name was given to me after I attempted to wear a du rag during the school day.
Yo, what up Du Rag, my nigga!?
by Du Rag April 01, 2005

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