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1 definition by Dsdoak950695

1. An infant under 18 months old; the product of unprotected sex; basically all a baby does is eat, sleep, cry, and poop. If you drop them on their head they turn out messed up.

2. An affectionate name that one might call their significant other; also a name often cried out during sex.

3. The name of several songs, most notably and most recently by Justin Bieber. It also happens to be the only song of his that doesn't cause me to change the station.
1. Since Jack and Jill are Catholic, and they don't believe in birth control, they have to explain to their parents why Jill's having a baby.

2. Oooohhh baby yes don't stop

3. Radio: Baby baby baby oooohh Baby baby baby noooo

Me: OMG kid hit puberty already!
by Dsdoak950695 March 27, 2010