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Midget grinding happens when a person of height dances very seductively with a little person. It requires strong thunder thighs as getting low enough to grind can be difficult. One might find their legs to be sore in the morning......WORTH IT!!
Last night I had the most amazing session of midget grinding!! She was a total nickel, ya know? Half the size of a dime BAY BE BAYBAY! I told her "I love the way your hips sway when ya do that thang!"
by DryRubb November 10, 2011
A random dark hair that grows in an area of the body in which hair usually isn't prominent. Pablo hairs mostly occur in the shoulder region and or abdomen.
Dude!! Whats up with that wonky Pablo hair on your shoulder? Its like a hairy bean stalk of fun. It just sprouts out of no where!!!!
by DryRubb November 10, 2011
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