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The Twilight Plague, also known as the Twilight Epedimic, is a mentally damaging disease that mainly affects teenage girls and boys. The disease emerged in 2006, and is characterized by severe obsession over a series of books by Stephanie Meyer. Other symptoms include but are not limited to: severe obsession over mythological creatures and characters in the book, taking quizzes online, taking over discussion boards, and verbally attacking anyone who says unfavorable things about the books.
Travis: "Would you say that I am a vampire or a werewolf?"
Megan: "..Oh great, you've been afflicted by the Twilight Plague."
by Druqks September 12, 2008
1. The burning sensation in your eyes when blinking, caused by staring at a moniter for one too many hours.
Man! I really started getting Computer Eye after 2 in the morning, surfing the web.
by Druqks December 28, 2008
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