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To die, alone, in a skeezy hotel room by auto erotic asphyxiation.
Did you here what happened to the mayor? They found him in the Motel 6 on I-90. He was totally Carradine'd.
by Drunken Irish Bastard April 20, 2010
An amorous encounter with a mother and daughter.

The name comes from Admiral Nelson's well know proclivity for mother/daughter combos.
Last weekend, I went home with this smokin' hottie. It was getting hot and heavy, when her mom busted in. Before I could say a word, this little cougar jumped right in. Just call me Lord Nelson, cause I had an Admiral's Threeway.
by Drunken Irish Bastard July 14, 2010
Secret code for hand pleasure usually offered by attorneys or their assistants to relax their clients.
I may have lost my ass on the divorce, but my lawyer's assistant gives a hell of a horbjorb.
by Drunken Irish Bastard April 11, 2012
Term for old people masturbating; usually accompanied by viagra, ensure lubricant and chuck berry guitar riffs.
I went to visit my grandparents at Christmas and I walked in on my grandpa pulling for chuck, while my grandma watched. I can never listen to Roll Over Beethoven ever again.
by Drunken Irish Bastard January 03, 2011

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