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To once having pretty good alternative music, but for no apparent reason just start making slow acoustic crap that no one likes. Includes making generic music videos of just sitting on a stool playing a guitar, and walking around a bit, with no destination in mind.
"Well one likes the music I'm playing, I'm Goin' John Mayer! People will have to like my music then!"

"Yea I doubt that."
by Drums Guns and Fun December 06, 2009
The bands that plays the music for the pop stars and recieve no credit.
"Wow that rent-a-band that played the background to that pop song makes it sound great!
by Drums Guns and Fun December 06, 2009
When an entire band is named after one person, such as "Daughtry"
"We're not naming the band 'Miller' that's selfish! At least give us SOME credit like 'Casey and the Sunshine Band!' I didn't know you had so much Musical Ignorance!
by Drums Guns and Fun December 06, 2009

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