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Somebody obsessed with Macintosh Computers and all things related to apple.
Wow, what a total mac head! Does he really need that many iAccessories for his iLife to be complete?
by drujon October 14, 2006
Carkour is a form of driving similar to parkour.

It requires a very thorough understanding of your cars limits and innerworkings such as gear timings, acceleration, and aerodynamics.

Elements of carkour include:
- Parking facing outwards, in the spot the shortest distance from your destination.
- Making a series of turns to avoid red lights of excess length (example: right-turn, u-turn, right turn to bypass)
- Choosing the lane of traffic with the least obstructions
- Driving at or above the speed limit, at all costs, including bypassing hazards, and accelerating at a high rate as required.

Carkour can lead to careless driving when practiced improperly at a novice level, however a true carkour master does not endanger any persons safety while executing maneuvers. It is very difficult to argue the case, however, with a law officer, no matter how in-control of a vehicle you are, and thus careless driving infractions are not unlikely. Therefore, it's noted that carkour should only be performed with a vehicle on uncrowded roads under ideal circumstances.
I have recieved 3 careless driving tickets for practicing carkour in my vehicle over the course of 200,000 miles without ever causing an accident.
by Drujon September 06, 2008
An abrreviation for 'just now'
<Dude1 has signed on>
Dude1: Dude! I got laid jn!!
Dude2: Orly? Was it the blonde or the brunette?
Dude1: Yarly! Brunette
Dude2: Sweet you got aids dude ha
by Drujon May 30, 2008
Run In Fear
o gawd, the chantard's are coming, rif!
by drujon April 19, 2009

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