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A man with an abnormally large penis, formerly known as a monster cock.

Dylan Pohl's penis also tames all the bitches, including some men.

One of the most beautiful, rare, magical, and majestic sights around.

In short, dylan means someone with a large gorilla penis who likes to eat mangoes and relax on the beach.

His middle name is commonly known as "HasABig"

To be a Dylan Pohl, you must be at least 99% man, 83% cock, .1% feminem, and 200% dragon.
"Did you see Dylan Pohl's huge penis?"
"It was totally dragging behind him!"

"You can't handle the girth"

"I almost got 1/4 of his head in my mouth"
"That's more than me!!"
by DrowningJesus April 08, 2013
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