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Having hard ass or pointy nipples that can be seen through clothing.
Ohhhh mann! You got some spears!

Its freezing outside. Wear some layers so those spears dont poke out.
by Dro aka spear boy January 11, 2011
1. A lesbian with short hair. They feel better about themselves calling themselves dykes but really only created a word that when thought of represents a ugly lesbian with short hair. They also bitch alot about their self right to be called dykes.

2.Someone who unnecessary bitches.
Yo do you see that guy over there?

Dude thats a dyke...

We always go late to fucking lunch. Then i got to eat fast then sprint to class. fuck man like what the fuck.

Dude stop dyking. Your such a dyke.
by Dro aka spear boy January 13, 2011
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