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the act of following a police vehicle that is traveling at a velocity much higher than the posted speed limit, often on the freeway. In certain jurisdicitons, this creates a false sense of security in motorists, who fail to realize the second police vehicle coming up on him/her from behind. Tag, you're it.
Husband: We will get there faster if we follow the popo.
Wife: But sweetheart, we are already speeding!
Husband: He won't do anything so long as we stay behind him.
Wife: But sweetheart, there is another police officer behind us... and he wants us to pull over.
by Driving School April 28, 2009
any cluster of motor vehicles on a roadway created by the presence of a police, sheriff, or state trooper patrol car. Trooper groups are created as faster traffic comes upon a slower patrol car or motorists slow down in response to seeing a patrol car in the rear view mirror. Behavior is analogous to a school of fish when a shark is nearby. Trooper groups will likely include beltway bitches and freeway fags.
Might as well ease off the gas. We won't be able to get passed this trooper group until the trooper exits the freeway.
by Driving School April 28, 2009
one who tailgates; one who insists on riding the ass - hence the term "fag" - of the vehicle in front of him. Such behavior arises from the deluded notion that close proximity will cause the other motorist to speed up or pull over, but turns out to be little more than a futile prepubescent grasp at control caused by a pronounced inferiority complex.
"Can you read this bumper sticker? Then get off my ass, freeway fag!"
by Driving School April 07, 2009
a condition on limited-access high-capacity arterial roadways aka freeways where a disproportionately large convoy of vehicles occupies the "number one" aka left-most lane in anticipation of passing sauntering traffic in the other lanes. The cause of the build-up is often a beltway bitch or a motorist who is passing other slower motorists at a marginally higher velocity, often less than 1 mph greater, often out of fear that s/he may be pulled over for speeding if s/he goes any faster. Warning: this condition often creates freeway fags.
This left lane lag is ridiculous. That Buick needs to move over and let us pass!
by Driving School April 07, 2009
using the slow lane to pass another motorist driving too slow in the fast lane; using the shoulder, HOV lane, bicylcle lane, or emergency lane, or crossing the double yellow line to pass a slow-moving motorist when no other options are available. See "beltway bitch"
That @#$%^! is going way too slow. Bitch pass him!
by Driving School March 17, 2009
a motorist who refuses to match the prevailing velocity of other motorists on a high-capacity arterial roadway, often in heavy traffic; a motorist who is driving too slow in the fast lane; a motorist who hogs the fast lane when others are passing on the right; a motorist who is impeding traffic. Often, the offending motorist lacks confidence in his/her driving abilities, fears other drivers, or has been deluded into thinking that by going slow on the freeway, s/he is making the world a safer place.
That beltway bitch is going way too slow. He is going to cause an accident!
by Driving School March 17, 2009
a motorist who does not maintain a constant speed on the freeway; a motorist who passes another motorist and then slows down; a motorist that speeds up when passed by another motorist, and then slows down; a f***er who fluctuates his/her speed on the freeway, usually disrupting the drive of other motorists.
I have passed that flucker five times now.
by Driving School March 17, 2009

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