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A verb tense exclusively and habitually used by sports commentators. Despite sounding exactly like future tense, this tense is used to describe recent past events to give the illusion that said event was predicted by the sportscaster.
"...and Pujols will rip a foul one into the outfield!" exclaimed the televised play-by-play commentator, immediately after it was over and everyone could clearly that it already happened. World Series viewers everywhere rolled their eyes at the constant and annoying use of pseudopredictive future-past.
by DrippingGoofball October 28, 2011
A word to describe a digital image just before someone infringes on its copyright by handing out rights to distribute it to a website called Pinterest, without the permission of the image's creator.
"Oh, this is pinteresting! I will add this to my digital image hoard on Pinterest! Hopefully I will earn the approval of my followers when they repin the image to their own digital hoard, copyright infringement is so worth it. God forbid I should consider the consequences of my actions on the person who created this pinteresting image."
by DrippingGoofball July 05, 2012
In economics, intangible commodities that have at best only fleeting value.

Imaginaryware includes MP3 downloads, recluse catnip "friends list" on Myspace, contributions to internet forums and urban dictionary, cell phone conversations limited to stating one's whereabouts, and every text message - past present and future.
Economies based on the production and consumption of imaginaryware are doomed to implode and be replaced by economies based on the production of goods that retain value over time.
by DrippingGoofball March 20, 2008

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