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In WoW, being taken from 100% to death in one blow.
Common when bosses enrage or dps and healers get aggro
Tank: "Watch your threat...l2omen"
Boss: waltzes over to lil tiny gnome clothy
by Drgodsauce November 22, 2010
In World of Warcraft - Divine Intervention
A Paladin ability that removes a player from combat for 3 minutes, barring them from moving or performing any actions during that time, or until the buff is removed.
Used to prevent a player from dying and incurring gear damage when a wipe is imminent.

Also, in certain situations, used to glitch certain PvE encounters
Raid leader: "Tanks are dead. Wipe it. DI a healer to res us"
by Drgodsauce November 22, 2010
Literally: "Want to buy"
General expression of desire. Need not pertain to an actual purchase.
Common in internet games such as World of Warcraft
WTB better DPS
by Drgodsauce November 22, 2010
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