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A person who you would only hook up with if that person were to instantaneously appear in your bed while you were horny and conveniently disappear as soon as you got off.
Person A: Do you think Nick is cute?
Person B: Well, he's convenient cute.
by DrewL May 14, 2008
The intense rush that a person gets when he or she votes. Can be after voting at the polls or simply mailing in your absentee ballot.
After voting for Obama I had an amazing votergasm...so much better than the one I had 4 years ago with Kerry.
by DrewL December 21, 2008
A greeting from a "working woman" with a cockney accent
"Elixir"? No, Thanks!
by Drewl October 02, 2014
Similar to being stabbed in the back, except some people like that sort of thing - they just wish they had some prior notice first.
"Man, you really got boned in the back when your girlfriend cheated on you with her best friend."
"Yeah, the least she could've done was videotaped it so I'd have something to watch tonight."
by DrewL September 26, 2007

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