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Any mixture of cocaine and ketamine.Usually ingested nasally.
We were all fucked up on ck1 and left that one chick passed out on the beach where she later got gang raped and left naked in the sand.
by Drew Wolverton September 28, 2003
A combination of socks,two rubber gloves,and some tape used to simulate a vagina.
I squirted some lotion into my feef and fucked it while looking at the page from the womens underwear section of the clothing catalogue.
by Drew Wolverton September 28, 2003
A game where a chocolate chip cookie is laid in the middle of a circle jerk and everyone ejaculates onto the cookie,if anyone misses the cookie they have to eat the cookie.If noone misses the cookie then the last person to ejaculate has to eat the cookie.
My mom caught us all skipping school one day.She came home from work early and caught us in the basement playing cookies and cream.
by Drew Wolverton September 28, 2003
Brown smears on your dick after anal sex.
I wiped the fuckass off my dick with your shirt before i stuck it in your wifes mouth.
by Drew Wolverton September 28, 2003
White,odorous,chunky sludge oozing from your wifes cunt by the time you get off work in the afternoon.
When i got home i was gonna fuck my wife but shed forgotten to wipe out the cottage cheeese from gettting gang banged all day by my unemployed friends.Its a rewal turn off.
by Drew Wolverton September 28, 2003
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