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An organization designed upon societal and/or religious virtues and designated by greek letters which is intended to provide additional assistance to young college men beyond the curriculum of their respective university, including but not limited to leadership, organizational, rhetorical, political and social skills. Focused on the instillment of manly principles such as maturity, discipline, honor, self restraint, friendship, kindness, labor and selflessness. These are values which the typical university does not attempt to foster and which are sadly lacking in many (but not all) of our generation. Fraternities are like people; there are good ones and bad ones, and each individual is responsible for which one they associate with as they will be rightly judged in kind; however, as with people, it is also highly irresponsible and ignorant to label or judge them wholesale.
True Fraternity men are those whose goal is academic excellence and the enrichment of society.
by Drew Reitman January 22, 2007

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