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A fictitious condition that is used to insult someone who's backside is straight as a board. The person the joke is about usually is wearing pants that makes them look like they have no ass at all. The person may also end up with the nickname R.A.S. - Pronounced Rass.
Hey...Hey, Dude! Look at that chick!

Yeah, man. She looks like she's suffering from Receding Ass Syndrome.

Sister: What do you want?

Brother: I just wanted to see how bad your condition has gotten, R.A.S.
#receding #ass #syndrome #r.a.s. #butt #flat
by Dregyn August 21, 2011
When a person's index and middle fingers are pointed outward, the thumb raised and the rest of the hand is balled into a fist, and the index and middle fingers are inserted into a vagina, it is known as a Twat Gun.
He formed his hand in the shape of a twat gun and inserted his fingers into her pussy.
#twat #vagina #pussy #fingering #gun
by Dregyn August 12, 2011
A dick that is in need of a good shaving.
Dude, no chick is gonna want to suck on a weredick. You wanna get head, then you need to lose the ball beard.
#were #dick #penis #shave #suck
by Dregyn August 21, 2011
A personal that is addicted to being on the internet. They typically are either on a social network or online game more time during the day than doing anything else.

A web geek can also be considered as someone who uses the internet to do most things, such as, research, buying clothes, food, electronics, cars, houses, and date.

Another example of a web geek is someone who knows everything there is to know about the internet, such as, how it started, it's history, it's protocols, and the best websites to visit.
"He is always on the internet."

"Yeah, I never see him doing anything else."

'He's such a web geek."
#web #geek #internet #computer #webb geek
by Dregyn August 12, 2011
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