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6 definitions by Dreda Dre

Money Or currency...
1.I spent alotta Scrillin to Get outta Reno.

2.Hey...Jerkface!...Wheres That Scrillin u owe ME!!
by Dreda Dre August 21, 2010
One who masturbates while stalking someone
1. Did u hear about that guy that got caught masturbating while following a school bus with his niece on it?.. They're calling him.."The Stalkabator"

2. its simple as this; your over weight, so your a long belly you fiddle with your wee wee during fights with your girl, so your a argubator and u drive behind hookers n jerk it in the shadows, so ur a stalkabator
by Dreda Dre May 20, 2011
One who masturbates during a argument
1. My ex was a total argubator..every time we started fighting she would finger bang herself while screaming at me.

2. Eww..that creepy long belly looks like a serious argubator!
by Dreda Dre May 20, 2011
an over weight man who's belly extends far beyond a normal man! Long Belly's are known to be Hungry, Tired, n Heavy.
1.DAmnn...dudes gotta Long Belly! it damn near touches his toes!!

2. Hey Long Belly! u gotta kid in there?

Funny Things To Say 2 A Long Belly:
1.Take a lap
2. don't eat that
3. Your bellys dragging
4. I got Pizza!
5. And....you hungry?
by Dreda Dre December 28, 2010
A crackhead thats beyond hope. Usually seen scrounging the streets mumbling derogatory comments aimed at no one in particular.
1. Ahhh Great... here comes some crackle back looking like he needs some nickels n dimes...and i bet he needs some change too.

2.COME ON MAN!!! Roll up the window!.. i don't want that crackleback bi*ch putting her grubby hands in my face!
by Dreda Dre December 27, 2010
A Coke Head, or a Heavy coke user who is high on cocaine, and thinks they can rap...but They SUCK!!
1. Yo!!! lets get the F**k Outta Here!! im sick of all these Bimpkens in my ear.

2. Dude is such a Bimpken! he gets all coked up then tries to freestyle...Someone tell this Ball licker to stop Doin Nose Grinds!
by Dreda Dre August 21, 2010