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Job Corps, Where do I start. Instead of BITCHING AND MOANING about a free home, free food, and free college level education like everyone else, I will let you in on the real Job Corps. Job Corps is for kids from the ages 16 to 24 that cant get on their feet, make it through public school, or just survive. This place grows people up and make them choose between being a total fuck up piece of shit or being a real person that wants to live a good life without trouble. The people who have posted bad things about Job Corps are the ones who couldnt get the clue on being a real person. They are the ones that we saw in EXRA DUTY every weekend because they kept getting in trouble. THEY are the reason we have strict rules. The Rules here are not hard to follow and are common sense. They are in place to keep all safe and without problems. And you know what.... Mabey Job Corps staff do have a life and get laid. Did you ever think that they get paid to PUSH AND PUSH TO MAKE YOU BETTER. If you want to get Butt HURT because a bunch of teachers want to get paid minimal gov't wage to help you have a better life then they did, then go home and dont take the help. SHUT THE FUCK UP. GO HOME AND START SUCKING ON YOUR MOMS TIT. Because when your at home.... that is what you do..... suck the parents money, life and fun away. GET OUT INTO THE REAL WORLD. For those who are looking at Job Corps.... GO.... Learn somthing...... MAKE A BETtEr YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Dracona3 October 20, 2009
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