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2 definitions by DrPotz

A person that is impossible to date due to numerous psychological disorders, offensive personality traits, or unresolved psychosocial trauma.
When we first started dating, I was able to deal with his extreme passivity, unwillingness to drive at night, never wanting to have sex, fear of adhesive tape, and never answering questions about his personal life. I finally dumped that headcase when I found out his current roommate is his ex and they still have freaky bondage sex together.
by DrPotz July 17, 2010
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a combination of “friend” and “therapist” that describes a specific type of friendship that is based solely around discussing one individual’s problems and issues. The act of talking about the individual’s problems and issues is referred to as friendthelpy.
<Person 1> I spent 2 hours on the phone with him last night listening to him tell me about his money and girlfriend problems. I think I gave him some good advice. He needs to take responsibility for his behavior and move on from that bad relationship.

<Person 2> Did he even ask about how you are doing? You just had surgery, right?

<Person 1> Nope, I am just a friendthelpist.

<Person 2> You should charge by the hour.
by DrPotz July 22, 2010
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