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A cross between a Skank and a Slut. Usually used to describe a dirty bitch you see at the mall.
Jack: "Hahaha check out that Sklank over there!"
Troy: "I'd tap that!"
Jack: "..."
by DrJackMcLovell August 18, 2005
1. Shandy is something of good and/or awesome status!
2. Shandy is a word that should be said when something cool happens or as an expression of excitement.
3. A Shandy is a drink, Beer and Lemonade...not bad!
1. "Whoa! Your new PSP is Shandy!"
2. "Dude! AA on Max 300! Fucking Shandy!"
3. "Hmmm, I sure could go for a Shandy right about now!"
#good #awesome #rad #gnarly #cool
by DrJackMcLovell November 20, 2005
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