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3 definitions by Dr. mcjesus100

After drinking coffee and eating tons of carbs then running you take a fiery, steamy, burning hot shit with a fudge-like consistency. It usually happens within an hour of coffee, with a smell similar to dead people, shit, and coffee combined. Even worse, it strikes without warning for the next hour leaving your pants in a shit covered hell.
Guy A "I love drinking coffee then eating pasta then running! Don't you?"
Guy B "Dude, your gonna get coffee shits..."
Guy A "Naa, I've got a colon of steel I...I need to change..."
by Dr. mcjesus100 March 28, 2010
A combination of intense and testicles, which means to have a level of extreme untouchable extremeness that cannot be expressed by either of the words intense or testicles.
Guy A "I just got anal with 5 different girls all at the same time!"
Guy A "Oh, and your mom..."
by Dr. mcjesus100 March 27, 2010
Slang originated from the Vietnam War, meaning human flesh made for consumption.
Guy A: Yo I'm hungry. Want to eat some of my mom's meatloaf?
Guy B: Fuck fuckin' no! That's stuff is worse than vietnamese chicken, and it looks worse too. I'd eat rather your mom's vagina. Fuck.
Guy A:(Cries Quietly)
by Dr. mcjesus100 February 26, 2010