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Noun. Derogatory

A person who instigates and/or perpetuates a junk-show.
A person who can be described as jenghus.

A person who ironically or unknowingly makes a fool of themselves by trying to be cool.

One who sprays and exagerates their abilities, especially in extreme sports, but is totally incompentent and lacking of skill.

syn. sketchball, dipshit, fool, Britney Spears,
shopping-cart-lady, Dick Balls, OJ Simpson, Jeffrey Dohmer

ant. badass, Chuck Noris (if you will), Jeremy Jones, Dean Potter, Victoria Jealous
Antonio, the celibate virgin King of jenghatrons, was proudly mountain biking with his brand new Walmart-brand bike atop a 1000 foot cliff in a thunderstorm, when he realized that he forgot to install the bike's seat and now was about to die with a huge metal pole protruding into his anus---no longer a virgin.

Jamal,the jenghatron prince, saved Antonio from plummeting to his death and later remembered that he hated Antonio and had just prolonged his wait to be jenghatron king.

Mrs. Wong was acting like a jenghatron when she foolishly tried to kill her sexually abusive husband by giving him an overdose of his medication---Viagra. He did not die...

by Dr. Samuel Damm March 27, 2007
Noun. Derogatory

A person who is acting like ruthless, bloodthristy conqueror for no good reason.

A modern day Ghengis Khan without actual authority or purpose.

syn. jenghatron, Joeseph Stalin, fucker, asshole, Texan

ant. Martin Luther King Jr., hero
Hey look at that Jenghus Khan over there, he is driving a Hummer with a "Save the Environment" sticker on the bumber and boisterously preaching to his eleven incestually conceived children that "some people just should not have kids.
by Dr. Samuel Damm March 27, 2007

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