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A person who strongly encourages another to become enraged/ annoyed, without becoming annoyed themselves.
"I took a shit in your mouth last night..."
"oh, my god, shut up. Your not even funny..."
"...then i took a piss up your nose...", etc,
"fuck off, get away from me." (dick).
by Dr. S Yates March 31, 2008
(i) The vagina when food has been lodged inside. usually done to invoke sexual desire.

(ii) However, can also be used as an Adjective or an offensive (iii) verb.

(There are many variations of the word.)

(i)"yeah, then i fucked her when she was flanged/ flanged-up/ flangin/ flangtastic."

(ii)"have you played that new game recently its flangin'"

(iii)"im gonna fucking flange you"

by Dr. S Yates March 31, 2008

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