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An eating establishment predominantly patronized by women of child-bearing age.
I went for a light lunch at the salad bar and it was full of women on diets. I was the only man in there. What a milfeteria!
by Dr. RobStew March 31, 2013
Dry semen left on a countertop after masturbation.
My roommate is a bastard. He left cumcrete on the bathroom counter by the toilet. I thought it was toothpaste until a tried to wipe it up with a wet cloth and almost puked from the smell.
by Dr. Robstew December 19, 2012
Masturbating before going on a date so as to be able to last longer when having sex with your date later in the evening.
My girlfriend is super-hot, so I always jack off before we go out. Presexturbation lets me last longer with her later on.
by Dr. RobStew November 16, 2012
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