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Dry anus caused by severe anal sex. Also referred to as C.A.S. Symptoms include anal bleeding, skin peeling from the rectum, dizziness, blurred vision, and obscured thinking.
Herb has chapped ass syndrome.
by Dr. nakanutzoff September 05, 2008
An agreement of greatness. Saying something was fantastic or glorious ect.
Guy 1: That weed we had last night was raw!
Guy 2: Bitch ass fo shizzle!
by Dr. nakanutzoff September 11, 2008
The place I work. You may work at such a place also. Basically a shit hole job.
I fell into the land of ass rape servitude thinking it to be a place of profit, but I was fucking wrong!
by Dr. nakanutzoff September 05, 2008
One who uses female condoms. A twat bag being a female condom or to use one.
Tracy is such a twat bagger. She won't let you fuck unless she burries a rubber in her twat.
by Dr. nakanutzoff September 08, 2008
A condition that results from exessive anal sex. May involve simple redness of skin or skin peeling off and bleeding.
You got chapped ass syndrome from riding cock too long.
by Dr. nakanutzoff September 07, 2008
A nigger emo. Very rare. If you catch one you can ask for a wish.
I saw a nemo in the forrest listening to Fallout Boy.
by Dr. nakanutzoff September 10, 2008
Getting fucked hard by life, your job, your girl, ect.
My stupid ass boss 20fucked me today. I had to stay late and no overtime.
by Dr. nakanutzoff September 05, 2008
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