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Someone who morphs their life to match the person they happen to be dating, i.e. adopt the same taste in music, movies, fashions, foods, mannerisms, etc.
My ex was a shape shifter. After two months, it was like I was having sex with myself.
by Dr. Kenneth Noisewater February 16, 2005
USA Today, a crappy commercialized newspaper.
All they had left at the newsstand was McNews. I'd rather go ignorant.
by Dr. Kenneth Noisewater February 25, 2005
A blow job given while the receiver is on the toilet depositing Taco Bell squirts.
Little did Juanita know that I'd made a run for the border prior to what would become a Mexican blumpkin...
by Dr. Kenneth Noisewater February 16, 2005
Definition: the result of having sex with a piece of corn. Balls become corny.
I was lonely so i did it with some corn and now i have corn nuts
by Dr. Kenneth Noisewater March 07, 2005
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