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jabaja is an undefineable word and language. It is best described as meaning everything, nothing, and anything. It is used by many people around the world to express all kinds of emotions and to free themselves. To direct a jabaja at someone or something, make the jabaja hand sign. Put your fingers together and keep your thumb slightly above them extend you arm. The hand must be sideways like the position you shake hands in. The hand can never be palm up or down.


In all jabaja words, 'j's are pronounced as 'y's. This is the case unless there is a double j* i.e. "jjadaraj" would be pronounced "Ja'Da'Rey". (*When writing by hand, 'jj' in any word is written as one j with two dots above it.) jabaja, when talking about the name of the language, is pronounced "Ya'Bey". As you can see, the last 'a' is silent. However, it is also used as a word in the language. When used as a word, it is pronounced with the 'a', hence becoming "Ya'Bey'Ya". To say "Ya'Bey" as a word, it is spelt 'jabaj'.


In the origins of the language, jabaja was not part of the vocabulary. jabaja started out as just a sound in late 2005. At this point, this noise would best be described as a long "aaaaaaa" with a nasal tone, initiated from the back of the throat. This remains today as the jabaja accent, as it is the accent used while saying most jabaja words. This sound is still used today, but more commonly in short, sharp, loud bursts, spelt 'ej'.
Late in 2006, this sound was similar, except for a 'b' was inserted into it, becoming "abaaaa". This is properly spelt 'abaya'. This word is currently seldom used.
Somwhere from the early stages of 2007, in an unknown way, 'abaya' evolved into 'yabai', which is the same as 'jabaj', only spelt differently. Later that year, the spelling developed into what it is now, "jabaja". This is still the most commonly used word in the language, but many different forms, such as rajabaja, shalamaja, and jjadaraja,
have come into the language as separate words, most meaning the same: everything, nothing, and anything.
Jabaja is always evolving, so don't feel limited to only the examples below for two reasons: those are only the most common jabajas, and new ones are being created everyday by lots of people. However, do not force naking new jabajas. New ones should only come when it just slips out.

--Common Words and Usage--

*other than their written definition, all the words can be used for everything, nothing, and anything. Also, all may have an 'a' added or taken away at the end of the word i.e. 'raja' becomes 'raj'. Unless otherwise stated, all words use the jabaja accent.

jabaj(Ya'Bey): the most commonly used word in the language. Used for any purpose.

javaj(Ya'Vey): used for any purpose. Commonly used for the 'devious jabaja', which can only be perfectly excecuted by one. The 'ja' is very silent, and the 'vaj' comes out very loud, and is said in a devious voice while maintaining the jabaja accent. jaVAJ!!!

raja(Rey'Ya): a call; used to gather attention from other near jabajas.

baja(Bey'Ya): the answer to the call "raja".

rajabaja(Rey'Ya'Bey'Ya): sometimes used as a name for another jabaj

ej(Ehh): often used loudly as an expression of anger, or any other emotion and/or to free yourself. Used softly as a statement of acknowledgment and/or agreement.

dej(Dey): often used loudly for the same purpose as 'ej'

shalamaja(Sha'La'Mey'Ya): a very popular jabaja. Used for any purpose.

esa(Es'Sa): a prefix, scarcely used by itself. Usually preceeds other words and/or large combinations of words. Most of the time, esa is directly followed by 'da' and then other word(s) i.e. esadarajabajashalamaja

jjada(Ja'Da): mostly used as a prefix for other words such as raja and baja

jjesa(Jes'Sa): mostly used for same purpose as 'jjada'

kurra(Koo'Rah): DOES NOT USE JABAJA ACCENT. Used to express confusion, misunderstanding, and surprise mostly. The accent for kurra is initiated from deep within the chest and comes out softly and slightly raspy.

komatsnala(Koh'Mahts'Nah'Lah): DOES NOT USE JABAJA ACCENT. Often used as a greeting, like 'what's up'. Uses same accent as 'kurra'

jjabiijj(Ja'Beej): DOES NOT USE JABAJA ACCENT. Used for any purpose. In this word, use your normal voice and soften the 'j's. Note that when writing by hand, the 'jj's and 'ii's would be written as one 'j' and one 'i', each with two dots above. Another 'ii' is often added to the end, making 'jjabiijjii'(Ja'Bee'Jee)

jabaj: Jake: "jabaj!"

javaj: Other:"Roshan, do your devious!"
The devious jabaj is Roshan's signature

raja and baja: Connor:"raja!"
Connor called, and Shen, being near, answered

rajabaja and ej: Jake:"Hey, rajabaja!"
Nikola is acknowledging that he heard Jake

dej: Other:"Fuck You"
Random jabaja:"dej!"
This jabaja is angry as the other cursed him

esa, shalamaja, jjada, and jjesa:
jabaja:"esa daraja kurraja dabaja shalamaja jjadaraja
lajawaja jjesaaja chajanaja komatsnala dumpeedumpee
ousiousi jabaja"
This jabaja has just sung the jabaja song.(usually,
this would all be one word, but it was too many
characters in one word for Urban dictionary to allow.)

kurra: Teacher:"Read chapters 3 to 23 for next day."
this jabaja is very surprised at the amount of HW

komatsnala: jabaja:"komatsnala
This jabaja has maybe greeted someone in the hall

jjabiijj: jabaja:"jjabiijj
by Dr. Jabaja, PhD March 13, 2008

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