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The complete understanding that she will never have sex with you, but the overwhelming desire to forcibly rape her.
Besides the prison time and social outcastry, he was overcome with rapelust
by Dr. Highschoolrandom February 03, 2011
The hazing ritual used by fraternities that involves flatulating, deficating, ejaculating, or urinating in the food of pledges
Jim: "You see that new guy?"
Bobby:"Yeah, what should we do?"
Jim:"His food could use some fresh seasoning"
by Dr. Highschoolrandom February 03, 2011
A girl (usually of slutty disposition) who borrows the clothing of other men such as hats, jackets, etc.
Man dude, that clothes whorse just jacked my Metal Mullisha hat!
by Dr. Highschoolrandom February 03, 2011

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