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4 definitions by Dr. Geuse

When two or more people hot box a barrel while rolling down the street.
Dude me and Jason totally did a brotisserie rotisserie yesterday!
by Dr. Geuse May 04, 2009
4 1
The act of murdering or killing a star or sun.
He was arrested by commiting heliocide on a nearby star with nuclear weapons.
by Dr. Geuse May 04, 2009
2 1
1. Similar to a regular gang bang, but instead of penetration, several people are dry humping the victim.
2. A experimental post/ noise rock band from VIrginia.
I was walking down the street wuen suddenly i was jumped and forced to engage in a soft-core gang bang.
by Dr. Geuse May 04, 2009
1 8
The act of capturing penal flatulence in a bag and asking a partner to sniff and/or inhale in order to become sexually aroused.
He became hard when he inhaled the dick fart suprise.
by Dr. Geuse May 04, 2009
3 11