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Pronounced {THRAZ-GUY-TISS}; and extenstion of the mexican slang word known as Trasgo which means to eat as much as one possibly can. TRASGITIS in its purest form is the result of Trasgo/ga (depending on gender). Other forms of Trasgitis may result from prolonged poor eating habits, mass consumption of heavy greasy foods, or an inability to take in anything other than food when placed in front of an individual. Progressive Trasgitis may form into either Pansanitis {large belly}, or even result in "Baby Swine Syndrome" a rare but serious disease in which obese individuals begin to appear swine or pig-like. Studies have proven that a quick cure to Trasgitis would be a strong yet effective elixir of 2 Naval oranges dranken with a cup of very strong black coffee, producing a laxitive effect.
Have you seen the way she eats the whole plate of Enchiladas??
Yeah... It's because she has Trasgitis
by Dr. F.D Reyna MD July 09, 2010

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