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A record, proudly displayed somewhere, (i.e a frat house refrigerator) marking the date, time and location of past sharts.
Andy "Dude, saw the latest update on the shart chart...girlfriend's grandpa's funeral huh?...rough"

Josh "yeah there was no way i could leave, it was awful."

Andy "Shitty dude..."

Josh "No dude, it was worse than shitty, it was....sharty."

Andy "Nice"
by Dr. Definition1001 October 19, 2011
The act of one girl slapping another girl's genitalia. The female version of the "cat slap."
"Ouch you fugly slut, why the F did you just twat shot me?!?"

"Cause whore, your wearing my shirt and i've been looking for it forever!"

"That really hurt skank"

"Love you bitch!"
by Dr. Definition1001 October 19, 2011
A combination of the words Fucking and Ugly, typically reserved for especially beastly girls. Often preceeded by the word "Fucking."
"Holy shit bro...check out that fucking fugly slampig by the pull tabs."

"Wow, she's in a league of her own....but it's almost bar close and i'm empty handed so far....let's do these shots, than i'm gonna go talk to her."
by Dr. Definition1001 October 19, 2011
A political "movement" to call for socialism and reject all things even resembeling capitalism. Typically carried out by uneducated, non-organized, and uninformed 20 somethings who still believe in communism and socialism despite their repeated failure throughout history.
"Dude doesn't that occupy wall street protester look like Justin Beber?"

"Shit yeah he does! He looks just like him!"

"Can you read his sign? What does it say?"

"I think it say something about stopping coorperate greed..."

"What a fucking idiot."

"For sure, I'll bet he loves abortion, but hates capital punishment."

"Yeah, your probably right....to bad his mom didn't feel the same."
by Dr. Definition1001 October 19, 2011
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