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The sweetest, most understanding, cute little psychic cat (or person, depending on time of day) who has the most beautiful eyes along with the sexiest smiling lips.

Beware, this exteremely rare species' mind reading ability will not be detered by even the highest quality of alfoil defense systems worn on the head. Excessive contact will induce positive mental diabetes and could lead to further severe addiction.

Known high profile symptoms include breathlessness, cardiac acceleration, uncontrollable smiling, internal temprature upsurge and increased level of emotional warmth. Various other symptoms such as giggling-itis and extreme tickle sensations may follow suit.

Effective remedy of symptoms consists of admitting oneself to a higher dosage, mild prodding in retaliation, acute counter-teasing activities and increased contacts are all generally proven to be effective.
Titles under Lippi include; Part-time dukun cuakep/Part-time siluman kuching/Full-time little girl.
by Dr. D. Penguincoat September 29, 2006

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